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Long private cruises

Embark on a dream cruise in the comfort of our catamarans! Accompanied by a professional skipper, enjoy a stay at sea under the sun of the Canaries, a few hours from France. Rent one of our catamarans for a day, an evening, a few days or a week. 

Sleep aboard comfortable cabins, with private bathrooms and toilets, in paradisiacal settings. Enjoy sailing, relax in the nets and outdoor cabins, fish or paddle along the majestic coastline and dive to the bottom of the sea!

Relax and enjoy, our crew will take care of everything!

A tailor-made cruise, where you choose your destinations according to the wind and your desires. You can stop for lunch, dinner, take a walk on land or discover the dolphins... 

Are you looking for an exceptional setting to host an exceptional reception? Our different catamarans will satisfy your desires.

Family holidays, seminars or EVG/JF, the Levantin fleet is there to help you create links and memories.