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Embark on a dream cruise in the comfort of one of our catamarans: Lagoon 450, Bali 4.5, Bali 4.1 or a monohull yacht: Dufour 430, Dufour 512 or Bavaria Cruiser 56 and enjoy an exotic sea holiday in the Canary Islands, only a few hours from France. With its warm and sunny weather all year round, its attractive islands, its superb black and white sandy beaches and its prevailing winds, the Canary archipelago is the ideal place for a cruise.

As a marine life lover, you can see dolphins, pilot whales and even manta rays. It's a great place for water sports and you can also relax on the typical black volcanic sands of the Canaries or hike in one of its Unesco World Heritage National Parks.

Sail aboard our catamarans and enjoy a double cabin with private bathroom. You'll discover wild and unspoilt corners of the world, far from the busy resorts. During the day, enjoy sailing, relax in the nets and outdoor squares, fish or paddle the majestic coastline and dive to discover the sea bed! 





(as an indication - not contractual according to the wind)


5:00 pm : Boarding in Amarilla, Marina San Miguel 

- Presentation of the crew and passengers
- Visit of the boat
- Inventory of the boat
- Safety instructions  

6pm : - Presentation of the crew and passengers
- Anchorage and night in Los Cristianos (1h20 of navigation), the biggest city of the Canaries. Swimming, aperitif and dinner on board. 


- Direction Los Gigantes ( 2h of navigation) anchorage and night in the hollow of the cliff of the "Giants". 


- Wake up at the marina of La Gomera, at the port of San Sebastian ( 3h30 of navigation ) 
- Disembarkation in San Sebastian de la Gomera, to discover its colorful streets and historical monuments. 
- Direction to the Playa de Santiago ( 50 m of navigation ) and its charming little coastal village. Anchorage and swimming. 
- Heading to Puerto de Vueltas (2 hours of sailing). Meal and night at the quay. 


- Early departure to the island of La Palma, the "Isla Bonita" of the Canaries (5 hours of navigation) to discover the Cumbre Vieja volcano and witness the power of nature.
- Meeting at Puerto de Tazacorte. Anchorage and night on board.


- Crossing to the north of La Palma (2 hours of navigation) with its natural pools of Charco Azul and its lush tropical forests to reach El Puerto de Santa Cruz. Anchorage and night on board.


- Return to Los Gigantes in search of whales and dolphins in their natural habitat in a conservation area (depending on the migration and reproduction periods). Anchorage and swimming.
- Night in Amarilla, Marina San Miguel


9am : Check out
- Inventory 


Meals not included. Sheets provided.
Fishing rod, fins, masks, snorkels provided.
The cleaning and files fees and the deposit are paid at the signature of the contract. The boarding fund is paid in cash at the boarding.


From 8000€ to 11500€
Including tax depending on the catamaran
for 8 to 12

Other itineraries and options are possible! Contact us to build your customised cruise.